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2018 Fashion Trends: Women Fall Accessories

Okay as promised in my last post, today I will talk about the other five Fall 2018 trending accessories that are making headway.  Wikipedia’s definition of fashion accessory is an item used to contribute, in a secondary manner, to the wearer’s outfit, often used to complete an outfit and chosen to specifically complement the wearer’s look. So, for this next fall accessory on the list just might throw you for a loop but when you think about it, why not use it as an accessory. We probably use it every day without giving it a second thought.



Accessory #6: Reusable Retail Store Shopping Bags or Totes

Who would have guessed that a plastic bag or paper bag would be an inspiration for designers to add to their runway fashion events? Well, it happened, take a look here.  The next time you purchase an item from your favorite fashion store or retail, don’t be so quick to throw away the bag. Who knows, it just might look good as an accessory to the outfit you plan to wear down the road in the Fall.

Now you might be thinking really, a reusable store bag as an accessory? In today’s trending era you’ll be surprised how the ordinary can become useful more ways than one. Some retail stores have redesigned their shopping bags to make it more eye appealing and inviting to the customer. It’s almost a secretive way of drawing attention to the bag so you will remember that store even after you leave their establishment.  You can check out these reusable stylish shopping bags on


Accessory #7: Large (Oversized) Sunglasses

I’m sure you’ve seen the large oversized sunglasses people are wearing these days (you may already have a pair or two). They come in so many shapes and styles, how is one to decide which is the right fit? It’s been said the oversized sunglass is the recipe for looking like a Celebrity.   Here are 7 tips on how to choose the best sunglasses.  Or watch this video on “How to Choose Sunglasses for Face Shape”.

We wear sunglasses as part of our fashion accessory style. However, let’s not forget why they were originally created and that’s to protect our eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Sunglasses serve two purposes for us: protection from the sun and a cool fashion statement.

Top Designer or Retail Oversized Sunglasses:

Tory Burch

Michael Kors


Square Retro Block Hipster

Aviator Flat Top

Luxury Rimless

Guess Factory Oversized Chain-Trim

Large Round

Big Round Oval Celebrity Fashion Style

Let’s say your favorite sunglass style was not listed above, that’s okay. You know what you like and which style works for you! Whether you’re in a casual outfit, dress or suit, your sunglasses can stand out and demand attention. There’s nothing wrong with allowing your sunglasses to be the focal point of your outfit.


Accessory #8: Hands-Free, Neck Free Bags & Belt Bags

As women, we like our handbags/purses no doubt about it. Then, there are times we can do without having to carry it from place to place on our shoulder. Sometimes all we need is our keys, wallet and cell phone when running to the grocery store– right? Or how about when traveling and you really only want to take a few essentials from it. Times like these are when a hands-free bag or belt bag comes in handy.

Do you remember the pouches or fanny packs when they were first introduced? They were not all that attractive or fashionable but served its purpose. Now let’s fast forward to today’s time as fashion designers have made hands-free/belt bags appealing and stylish. The look and feel of a hands-free bag (or belt bag) can be easy to accessorize with one’s attire.

There are good reasons for owning a hands-free bag. For one, it’s very useful when traveling for vacation. A hands-free bag/belt bag is a good anti-theft protection item. You are not an easy target for someone who would have attempted to grab your handbag if it was on your shoulder. So, the next time you plan to travel or run a quick errand think about using a hands-free/belt bag.


Accessory #9: Dress for Survival

As we move from summer to fall, it’s important to prepare for the seasons ahead. If you live in a State that has hurricanes (heavy rain seasons) or winter storms one should have protective survival gear. You’re probably wondering how is survival gear an accessory (well it can be)? Have you ever heard the term “capsule wardrobe”?

A capsule wardrobe is items nine times out of ten you probably already own. Like jeans (slacks), skirts, sweaters, button-up collar shirts, blazers (jackets), etc. These are clothing items typically found in our closets that we wear daily.

Dressing for survival might seem odd but paired with the right accessory is becoming a trend. Basically, it’s clothing that you want to wear in layers. Check out this link on Pinterest.

There are other sites, like QT.COM which you might find useful.  Oh, and is running a sale on women’s survival clothing and their prices look very reasonable.

A pair of denim jeans, a button shirt with a pullover sweater is really all it takes to “dress for survival” for the upcoming fall/winter season and don’t forget to add an accessory item (a fleece vest, a scarf, etc.).

Now if it’s going to be a rainy day, why not pull out your survival stylish galoshes boots, raincoat & hat!






Accessory #10: Cowboy Boots (Ankle Style)

Trending Cowboy Ankle Boots:

The Old Gringo Marrione Zipper

Coral Black Studs and Harness

Corral Bone Embroidery and Swarovski

Circle G Women’s Back Cutout

Wide Fit Studded Western

Givenchy Women’s Stitched Leather Western

Circle G Urban Ladies Bronze Cowhide Leather

Grove Lace-Up Western

Roper Women’s Brown Fringe Short

Dingo Adobe Rose Cowboy Boot

Check out these sites for great deals on cowboy boots:


Don’t forget to Accessorize

I’ve only covered 10 fall 2018 trending accessories (five in my previous post and five today).   As you know there are plenty more which you can pair up with your fall/winter wardrobe. Just remember, one simple accessory can help make any outfit stand out. An accessory item is to help complement one’s outfit/attire. Oh, and let’s not forget that our mood plays a factor as well. Somedays you might feel adventurous. Having a particular accessory that makes a bold statement may just be what you need. Then there are days you might like playing it safe and not draw too much attention to yourself. On those days your accessory item might reflect something that has neutral colors. You have to ask yourself this question: Today’s accessory I want it to….. (only you can fill in the blank here). Whichever way you decide how to rock your fashion accessories, remember it’s all up to you.


Feel free to leave a comment below, if you found this post was helpful – thank you.


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  1. My girlfriend often does shopping for me for my wardrobe, so I thought I could return the favor. I have been doing some research on what’s trending for women so that I can be spot on in my selection. This post has given me some interesting ideas to work with, thanks a ton.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I’m loving the paper bag theory. So often I save my high-end paper bags as a reminder that I was able to afford the item. I usually store the paper bags away and save them to place around the Christmas tree. But this accessory empty or full gives the perception of fashion even if there was NO MONEY spent! Time to pull the empty bags out of storage before the holidays.

  3. Yay, oversized sunglasses are back!!! I’ve been waiting for this for awhile now…. they are my favourite

    1. Thank you for your comment, much appreciated.

  4. Great work something I need the help to coming out.

    1. Thank you kindly for your comment.

  5. I love oversized glasses and ankle boots!!! I think they add a little “chic” to any look. You give lots of good advice and I will look around your website. And the hands free, neck free bags also look like a great idea! Not only do they not get in the way when I’m out walking or shopping, but it’s a fashion statement. Oh, love your ideas!!!

    1. Hi Reyhana – Happy to hear you found the ideas I posted helpful (thank you).

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