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About Teasha

I’m originally from the East Coast but moved to the West Coast about four years ago (Summer of 2014).  My teenage son had an opportunity in the acting/entertainment industry and as a single parent, I wanted to help him fulfill his dreams. Some might think I was crazy for picking up and driving over 3,000 miles to California within 3 days but guess what people, it was all worth it! I have to be honest, at first, I was nervous but I never wanted to look back and wish I should have, could have but never took that leap of faith.

Things began to fall into place for my son as well as for myself once we relocated. I met people who introduced me to other people who pushed me to achieve and pursue in areas I thought at one point in my life were unreachable but not so anymore.

In my 20s: I became a Mentor in Big Brothers/Big Sister Program; sang with a well renowned Gospel Community Choir; established Crusader’s for Christ/Evangelism Outreach Team and helped with local missionary work all while having a 9 to 5.

In my 30s: Motherhood began for me; I went back to school and focused my studies in Human Resources; was a Board Member & Treasurer for the Co-Op Development I lived in. I was a Youth Leader; Committee Coordinator for my son’s Boy’s Scouts Troops; Administrator for a Community Basketball Team and was licensed as an ordained Minister in my local church.

Now in my 40s: I moved from the East Coast to the West Coast; became an ordained Elder; Certified Chaplain; So Ca State Director of Evangelism (FGBC), I volunteer weekly at a local Elderly Facility and serve as the Chief of Staff for my local church.



Sometimes you just have to venture out and take a chance (like I did). You have to be optimistic and know that better is ahead. Step out of the norm and broaden your horizons and don’t limit yourself. All it takes is just that leap of faith.

Remember growing up and you heard the story about the little engine that could, “I think I can, I think I can”. Well, sometimes you have to remind yourself, “Yes I Can”. Anything worth having in life, you have to be willing to work towards it and set your goals until they become your accomplishments.

I look back now and I’m happy to say in each decade of my life (from my 20s to present), I’ve continued to strive and I’m going to continue because I have a purpose and my destiny is ahead of me. I’m not willing to stop now because I’m excited to see what the future holds. I’m sure there are some who thought I was out of my mind for moving cross-country but one thing is for sure, I’ve decided to keep moving ahead and not looking back. It’s true, the “Present is a gift”, the past I can’t change but I can do something about my current state/conditions LOL!



For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for helping others. Perhaps it was my upbringing on how I was raised with my Christian beliefs.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of times I made some mistakes in life and wish back then someone was willing to take the time to show me how to have multiple streams of income without being taken advantage of or having to pay upfront high cost and fees. It’s a shame why people are hesitant in helping others become successful as there’s plenty of wealth to go around.

Could it be they just don’t want to be transparent in front of others?  However, if we became an open book and took the mask off imagine how many lives could be touched and blessed for the better. It used to take a village to raise a child, what if that village became Entrepreneurs supporting their families and no longer struggling to survive from paycheck to paycheck. All it takes is just that one that’s willing to go the extra mile to help/train the next and the next.



Do you have an upcoming event and need something spectacular to wear? Or perhaps it’s time for vacation and you need summer apparel? Just know you can find what you need from office attire to casual wear all right here. Think of this site as your One-Stop-Shop!. It’s all about the SAVINGS and looking FABULOUS without having to pay Department prices!

Who says you can’t continue to look FASHIONABLE AND BEAUTIFUL while doing what you do best at affordable prices. I created this website to help people (like yourself) to feel at ease when shopping online.

Now if you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of

10 thoughts on “About Teasha

  1. I think this is great! You offered a lot of information regarding yourself, as well as a lot of information regarding the purpose of the products that will be offered. I really liked the presentation of your new and up coming Website! Awesome Job Teasha!

    1. Thank you Michelle for your comment, I truly appreciate it.

  2. Very nicely worded. Can’t wait to see your new website.

    1. Thank you.

  3. Job well done very beautiful website

    1. Thank you for the wonderful feedback.

  4. This is wonderful, sharing your leap of faith can also inspire others. I Love the set up that you provided. The breakdown includes a lot of information and user friendly, I love the clothing line as well.

    Awesome Job!

    1. Hi Laretha – I do hope my story can inspire and help someone along the way. Sometimes all it takes is the willingness to be open/transparent so someone else can say “I think I can” and they then succeed. I’m glad you said the site is user friendly (which is very important to me) – Thank you.

  5. This is awesome!!! I’m so proud of you for following your dreams and not looking back…. can’t wait to see all the new ideas you have in stored for your new website, keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much SheShe (SheLice). I’m excited to take this next journey as I know with God, all things are possible.

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