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Women’s Three-Piece Skirt Pants Suit Set: A most have!


Product: Anne Klein Women’s Three-Piece Skirt Pants Suit Set
Price: $104.99 – $179.99
Place to Buy:
Color: Black, Navy, Blue
Size: 10 -18


Product Review

Do you need a 2-piece suit (jacket & skirt) or a 2-piece pants suit? Well, no need to worry as Ann Klein has a three-piece skirt pants suit set. Yes, 3-pieces and not just two (2), now that’s a bargain! Let’s say you have a job interview coming up; a suit like this will be the ideal as it’s your standard 2 button jacket. There’s no flashy embroideries or decals. First impressions truly are a lasting impression and it means a lot. You may only receive that one shot to let them know why you will be an asset to their Company. It’s also the perfect “Power Suit” for your next big office meeting. People will see you as a professional and take you seriously. A suit like this, you walk in the room with confidence (commanding attention your way).


Two for the price of one

This suit set comes with both a skirt and the pants, you can rock it however you see fit. I can’t remember the last time I saw a deal like this. It’s almost like two (2) for the price of one (1). Having this three-piece skirt pant suit set in your wardrobe one really can’t go wrong. When preparing for that important presentation meeting one has to dress the part. Wearing a suit helps to convey you mean business. Don’t get me wrong, in the right dress you can set the tone as well. However, it’s something about a suit that reflects power and authority demanding the utmost respect.

Remember growing up and you were taught to always own a dark suit (whether it was black or navy). Well, now you can make sure you hold true to what you were told because this set actually comes in black & two shades of blue (navy & standard blue). These are basic colors that would complement any solid or colorful/printed blouse. By the way, this suit can also be worn year-round; now how great is that! Another good thing about this suit set, you can switch it up. One week wear the skirt set and then another week or so the pants set. It’s all up to you how you want to mix & match.


Fun Fact

Coco Chancel (Birthname: Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel) in 1920 while launching her perfume also designed the 1st woman’s suit. Her first suit was a fur-trimmed jacket that had a matching ankle-length skirt. She designed suits and dresses comfortably for women to wear. Even today her creations are still amongst the top designers as she’s an icon legend.


Should a woman keep a suit on hand?

With today’s fashion trends & styles, one has such a variety to select from when it comes to a suit. Before your next meeting or event don’t forget to ask yourself, which attire is best suitable (LOL) for the occasion:

Standard (Classic) Business Attire: A suit that is polished (tailored) and professional.

Informal Attire: A blouse or perhaps a sweater with a conservative skirt (or dress pants/slacks).

• International Business -or- Western Attire:   Really known for men to wear: a button-up shirt, tie, shoes (staying on the conservative side) with socks to complete the look.

Now let’s get back to the Ann Klein women’s 3-piece suit set that’s available on Amazon.
This set is made out of Polyester (97%); Spandex (3%) and is dry clean only. The best price I’ve come across has been on Amazon’s for the range of $104.99 – $179.99 (it’s also sold on but for a higher price). Here are my “Pros” and “Cons” about the suit set.


  • 3-Pieces (Jacket, Skirt, Pants)
  • Sizes: 10 – 18
  • Price is within reason for a 3-piece suit set
  • 2-Day shipping is available
  • Can be worn in all seasons
  • The designer is well known to design good quality of clothing


  • Does not come in sizes smaller than 10
  • Color selection is limited to only black & blue
  • Customers have not yet provided their comments in Amazon on this item.



I’m giving this outfit a rating of 4 stars out of 5. In my opinion, this is a suit set worth owning as everyone should have one suit that’s part of their wardrobe ensemble. Or how about this scenario, someone very close to you (a family member or best friend) needs you to accompany them to a special gathering and the dress code is business attire. Would you have to decline the invitation due to you not owning a suit? Sometimes its best to plan ahead. Why wait when you can be proactive instead of reacting at the last minute trying to find something suitable to wear. Let’s be honest, I’m sure you can think of some social gathering to wear this suit to that’s coming up – right? A suit set like this can be worn to multiple places and not just at work in a professional setting.

Why pay department store prices when the same exact item you can buy online with Amazon. It’s all about the cost savings these days and finding the right bargains. My blogs are to help you to feel more at ease when looking for clothing items at affordable cost. I’m here to only guide you and provide you my review on the item. You have to ask yourself, is this item in my clothing budget.  I talk about having a clothing budget in a prior post.  It’s so important to stay within your budget. No one likes to receive their monthly credit card statement to find out that the minimum amount due is above their means.


Can a woman’s attire play a role in her behavior?

Researchers say that the clothing we wear can play a role in our behavior. Speaking from experience, I can say this has some truth to it. I don’t know about you but certain clothing items can make you feel secure, even a problem-solver. It’s almost like you can tackle any issue that comes your way. Believe it or not, a suit can even change our mood (even how we walk). It’s very rare do you see someone sluggish, or moving at a slow pace in a suit. It’s actually the opposite as the person is upbeat, at a fast past, ready to conquer the world.


What’s Next…

So, the next time you feel your attitude going to the left, why not think about putting on a suit that gives you assurance. Step out your front door feeling refreshed, revived and renewed as our outer appearance can either work in our favor or against us.

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6 thoughts on “Women’s Three-Piece Skirt Pants Suit Set: A most have!

  1. I absolutely love this content! It is lively, full of facts and you even added a pros and cons sections. If I could wear any of those sizes, I would have been sold! Great job sticking to the topic at hand. This is a very interesting and thorough.

    1. Hi Lanetta, I know the sizes are limited which is unfortunate. Thanks again for your comment on my post.

  2. I definitely agree that these suits are not only perfect for the office, but it’s also great for events where business attire is required. It’s a great idea to have one on hand and be able to accept invitations, like you mentioned. I also believe that what we wear can have a big impact on how we feel internally. Just like you mentioned secure, I think some others would be feeling confident and come across as somebody who is reliable, who is knowledgeable and who is just a person that’s good to have around. 🙂

    Thanks for this wonderful post. I will give this a thought.

    1. Hi Reyhana – I remember growing up and I was taught always have one dark suit on hand as you never know when one might need it. Thank you for providing your feedback – I appreciate it.

  3. Hello Teasha. Love the suits. If I did wear suits I would buy one . The colors are perfect for the office jobs. Thank you for all the work you have put into your site.

    1. Thank you Shronda for your comment. I’m happy to hear that the 3 piece suit caught your attention and if you were into suits you would have made a purchase.

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