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Clothes, Shoes, Hats, You Name It!

What’s In Your Closet

My first post talked about fashion & styles for Women but I’m hoping this particular post, Men will also want to take part in giving back as well.  Okay so let me begin with my closet (yes, my closet, I know sounds strange). When I look in my closet, I sometimes say what was on my mind when I purchased that item! Or how about this one…I’m sure I’ll have an occasion to wear this outfit so I’ll keep it.  Well, you can already guess what happens, it gets pushed to the back of the closet lol.  As time goes on I think we sometimes forget all about that dress, pants or shirt we purchased months ago and the price tag never gets cut off.  Then there’re times we buy something on an impulse but never decide to wear it. I even have clothes I just stopped wearing altogether.  I keep telling myself I can still get into that outfit.   Deep down I know it doesn’t look good on me anymore.  Question:  Has that ever happened to you?  So, what is one to do…here’s a suggestion: How about donating some of your clothing items that are in your closet?  Now if you are already donating – that’s wonderful, keep it up!


Time To Donate

Perhaps you’re reading this post and saying…you know, I do have some extra clothes I can donate to help others if that’s you – great! There are so many non-for-profit organizations right in our local communities that are helping people get back on their feet that would appreciate good condition clothing items. Even while I’m writing this post I know which Organization I plan to donate my clothing (as well as my son’s). This particular facility helps families re-establish themselves back into Society. If we could be truthful, our closet racks (if it could talk) would probably say, HELP, HELP, I CAN’T BREATHE OR SEE! We will push and squeeze our clothes on hangers from left to right to make more room for the new items we just purchased. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with adding to your closet but how about as you add, remove a few items first. It can help from making that store run to Walmart, Target or the Dollar Store for more hangers.

Just imagine being a blessing to others who are in need. What joy it is helping the next one, “Dress for Success”. I would like to challenge you (if you don’t mind). The next time you purchase a new outfit, take a look in your closet to see which items you no longer wear or will miss.  You remember that saying, “out of sight, out of mind”. Perhaps you are thinking, Teasha I’m too busy and don’t have the time to go through my entire closet. Okay, how about this, try making a list by category you want to donate:

  • Clothes (Business, Casual, etc.)
  • Shoes (Flats, Heels, Sneakers/Tennis Shoes)
  • Purses/Pocket Books
  • Hats
  • Accessories, etc.

Above categories I’ve mentioned is to help get you started (as we all have to start somewhere right?)  Also, here’s a website that lists 13 Great Places to Donate Your Clothing & Accessories. This site gives you a few tips before bringing in the items.  Within their site, they list Organizations that will provide a receipt if you need for tax write-off itemization purposes.


Donating Can Be Fun – Make It A Family Affair

Sometimes it’s easier said than done but if you have help, it can be fun!  Why not have the entire family get involved and make it a game. So, let’s say on a Saturday you set aside an hour for everyone in your household to gather their items they want to donate. Before they can place the items in bags or a box, the clothes must be folded and not just thrown in the bag.  Then set a timer for 5 minutes (allowing everyone to place their items in a bag neatly).  Once the timer goes off, each one examines the others bag to ensure the clothes are folded. The one who placed their clothes the neatest in the donation bag for that night gets to pick which Movie on TV the family will watch or decides which family indoor /outdoor activity to play.   Now you might have a better prize for the winner other than my suggestions.  It should be something with no cost involved as the end goal is to bring the family together.


Fall and Winter:  Just A Few Months Away

Are you ready for the upcoming fall & winter clothing lines? Are you ready to see what’s hot and what’s not in the fashion world for the next season? Check out some of these sites: / 10 Ways to rethink your wardrobe


Vogue Autumn Winter 2018 and click here to view additional fashion styles from Vogue.

366 Best Fashion AW 2018/2019 Trends images on Pinterest / Biggest Trends to Expect Top 12 Fall/Winter Colors:

  • (1) Red Pear, (2) Valiant Poppy, (3) Nebulas Blue, (4) Ceylon Yellow, (5) Martini Olive, (6) Russet Orange, (7) Ultra Violet, (8) Crocus Petal, (9) Mellow Rose, (10) Limelight, (11) Quetzal Green, (12) Pink Peacock

Classic Colors:

  • Sargasso Sea, Tofu, Almond Buff (baby camel), Quiet Gray, Meerkat (toasty burnished brown)


Summer is Almost Over

I hope you’re having a fabulous summer thus far. It’s hard to even say this but summer will soon be coming to an end before we know it. Real soon it will be time to start thinking about winter clothes, coats, hats, etc., yes, it’s about that time believe it or not!  If you can, you may want to get ahead of the game if you happen to live in a state where it gets very cold.  I remember the days trying to find a coat for my son could grow into (well I thought he could at least).  Things did not go according to my plans because by the time winter was over his sleeves on the jacket were too short. It’s funny how our children seem to grow over the summer or in between the seasons.

So, don’t be surprised if you have to add buying a winter coat to your clothing budget (remember my 1st post about clothing budget.  Go check it out if you haven’t ready). Okay, let’s get back to winter coats & jackets. Websites like: Burlington, JC Penny’s, Kohls’ & other sites you may need to visit sooner than later. It’s also not a bad idea to sign-up to be on their email list. Sometimes during mid-week days is when they offer really good online shopping discounts.


I would like to leave this thought with you

Now I know I’ve been talking about coats you’ll have to eventually purchase but what about the old ones? One cannot forget the coats and jackets that are stored away right now in the storage bins or in basement closets. Why not make another donation drop off but this time to the local shelters.  Or other facilities within your surrounding areas that give out coats and blankets to those in need. Your coat can help someone stay warm during the cold winter stormy nights. Oh, and now you’ve passed on your fashion style to someone else.  Someone you may never know by name but in their hearts, they are grateful that you cared enough to share.

I do hope you found this post helpful. If so, feel free to leave me a comment below, take care for now.

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