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Women’s All-In-One Jumpsuit: Easy as 1, 2, 3

Product: Kissmoda Women’s Elegant Wide Leg Work Jumpsuits Long Fitted Romper Pants Half Sleeve with Belt

Price: $18.99 – $26.99

Place to Buy:

Colors: Multiple Colors

Sizes: S – XXL

Product Review

I’m not sure about you but I do like clothing which you can just grab and go right from your closet (quick and easy, 1, 2, 3). It also helps when you have outfits which can be worn to several types of occasions without feeling overdressed or underdressed (but just right). Now, this product review I will give today is for a women’s jumpsuit by Kissmoda available on Amazon. It’s an elegant jumpsuit with short sleeves. Just think of all the many places you can wear this outfit too with no problem. Let’s say you’re going to an evening event (semi-formal), you can decide to wear this jumpsuit off to one shoulder with some accessories and heels and you are ready to walk out the door. Or perhaps you need to be more conservative for work, this jumpsuit will still fit right in giving you that professional look. All you will need to do is wear it the standard way. Jumpsuits are back in style now more than ever. You might be thinking but wearing a one piece how comfortable can that be. Well speaking from experience, I do own a jumpsuit and the compliments I received while wearing it one night out to a restaurant was a pleasant surprise. If you are looking for loose fitting (nothing clingy), you need to check-out this jumpsuit.


Comes in a variety of sizes & colors

This particular jumpsuit starts at size small (S) and goes up to extra, extra large (XXL), how amazing is that! Then I must also share with you the available colors: green, red, wine red, black, yellow, blue and white (a total of 7 colors). I know we all have our favorite color (or go to) that works best on our skin tone. Perhaps you like red (a color that makes a bold statement). Or how about black or blue (as it tends not to draw too much attention). This jumpsuit romper is made out of Polyester and Spandex material but very lightweight. Here are some features you might find helpful about this garment: long with the wide leg; waist belt, short sleeves with a zipper in the back. Oh, and the cost ranges from $18.99 – $26.99, yes under $30.00. Would you say its within a reasonable price (yes or no)? Here are a few more pictures of this jumpsuit in different colors.




Can you guess which era?

When you think about a one-piece jumpsuit, which era do you think it all began? I wasn’t sure myself so I had to look this up and found out it was in 1919. We’re talking over ninety-nine (99) years ago. In one of my previous post, I wrote a blog on Vintage style clothing. I would have never guessed vintage clothing and jumpsuits (romper pants) were designed around the same era. That just goes to show that some clothing styles can return again and still remain fashionable and trendy. History shows that jumpsuits came back on the scene in the 1970s & 1980s and here we are in 2018. I guess one can say its never gone out of style completely but over the years designers have made jumpsuits a fashionable item one wouldn’t mind owning. Nowadays you see all ages of women wearing jumpsuits.

Fun Fact: Did you know the original intent of a jumpsuit was made for parachuters? Oh, how it came a mighty long way from its true invention.

Customers who purchased this jumpsuit through Amazon gave it a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars.

Pros -and- Cons

Now I’ll talk about the pros and cons of this jumpsuit:

Pros Cons
Someone with height and long legs this is an ideal outfit. It does tend to run small (check the chart size before ordering), or order one size up.
It’s machine (or hand) washable. If your height is more on the shorter side, you will need to have it hemmed (or may need to wear high heels).
Can be worn at a variety of occasions/affairs. Since it has a zipper in the back, while out in the public and needing to use the restroom might cause a challenge.
Comes in seven (7) colors.
Breathable Materials.
Easy to zip up from the back.


    • Kissmoda Women’s Elegant Wide Leg Work Half Sleeve Jumpsuit
    • Price range: $18.99 – $26.00
    • Sizes: S – XXL
    • Available in seven (7) colors
    • Can be worn for multiple events or occasions
    • Easy to maintain (machine washable)

Do you feel this “Jumpsuit” is suitable for you

I’m sure after reading the pros and cons you may still have some reservations if this jumpsuit is suitable for you – which I can understand. My goal is to help you (the customer) feel at ease when searching for clothing items from Affiliate Merchants websites (like Amazon) for affordable items that fit within your budget. I also realize that the quality of a product matters just as much as the price. Only you know the answer to the following two questions:

    1. Does this jumpsuit meet up to your standards?
    2. Have your concerns been addressed and answered?


Did you find this product review helpful

Some customers who purchased this item from Amazon gave great reviews and then there were a few who suggested buying a size up from your regular size. Ladies, we know sometimes clothing is not always true to its size especially when its a letter size and not a number size. Please keep this in mind when making your decision about this item (if you choose to move forward in purchasing).

As I come to a close with my review about this jumpsuit, I do hope you found my post helpful. Feel free to leave a comment below. I look forward to reading your comments, thank you.



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6 thoughts on “Women’s All-In-One Jumpsuit: Easy as 1, 2, 3

    1. Thanks, Kate. I agree these are nice reversible leather belts from Etsy and at the same time adding an accessory to the outfit 🙂

  1. I think you’ve convinced me to get this jumpsuit. The only reservation would be when it’s time to use the bathroom. However for the price, its worth a shot. Thanks for the review.

    1. Thank you, Lisa, for taking the time this evening to check out my site. I’m also happy to hear you are thinking about purchasing the jumpsuit – great! Feel free to visit my site from time-to-time for more fashionable items and reviews.

  2. Now this something I would love rock one day! I love the different colors, the simplicity and versatility. This is a win win!!!

    1. Yes, I agree, the simplicity of this jumpsuit is great and stylish all at the same time. Thank you Lanetta for your comment.

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